OM / AUM : 'NAAD BRAHMA' - Cosmic sound & the source of Existence


music 'OM' - the first sound, the first note of the universe is said to be the origin of the music. 'OM' (AUM), also called 'NAAD BRAHMA' is the first cosmic sound associated with the origin of the entire creation and the 'ONE' creator. The cosmic sound of OM (AUM) can be heard during deep meditation, 'Naad' is the source of existance and the correct chanting of 'OM' / 'AUM' requires practice of a unique breath-technique.....More

Divya Sangeet / Divya Music


music The Indian Hindi language word 'SANGEET' or 'SANGIT' (MUSIC) represents three forms of performing arts - Gayan (Vocal Music), Vadan (Instrumental music) and Nritya (Dance).

Divya Music is a global organization dedicated to the promotion and development of performing arts - vocal & instrumental music and dance. The education division at Divya music offers the regular and online courses with training of vocal and instrumental music, dance and other performing arts. Divya Music is professionally managed by a group of senior music and dance Gurus, well known artists - music and dance performers and the education management professionals.

For the convenience of global music and dance students, Divya Music presents advanced E - learning online music classes and online dance classes (facilitated on Skype or Google hangouts) are the live, one-on-one, real-time interactive lessons offering courses on vocal and instrumental music and courses on Indian classical dances, folk dances and Western dance styles. The two websites of Divya Music : www.SangeetVidhyalaya.com and www.MusicSchoolIndia.com are exclusively dedicated for the high quality education and training in music and dance. The two websites of Divya Music : www.MusicClassOnline.in and www.DanceClassOnline.in are exclusively dedicated for the high quality online education in music and dance with an aim of world-wide promotion & development of performing arts.

Divya music as a professional organization also offers music and dance workshops, undertakes performing arts projects, organizes music therapy sessions, music and dance rehearsal recording sessions at music / dance studios, organizes music / dance events, provides events management services and other related services for excellence in the performing arts......More

e-Learning: Online Music learning programs & Online Dance Training programs


Divya Music offers DM Live Core - Divya Music presents DM Live Core - the online vocal music classes, online instrumental music classes and online dance lessons for the convenience of the music students and dance students from all over the world. Divya Music online live, real time interactive music and dance classes is an effective distance learning program, for students, a fusion of the creative performing art to the modern technology recreating the magic of one-on-one learning as in ancient Guru - Shishya parampara (Teacher - Disciple system). Online music and dance classes are conducted on Skype or Google Hangouts.

Benefits of distance music education e-learning program, DM LIVE CORE online classes is:

• Safe & convenient option for kids, children, women and elderly to learn music / dance online.
• Best flexible time schedules of online music / dance class lessons for international students.
• Option of 1/ 2/3 online classes every week of variable time duration (30 - 75 minutes each).
• Top Qualified, best experienced Professional senior music teachers from all over the world.
• Live, one-on-one, real time online music / dance lessons for students of all learning levels.
• Convenience & comfort of learning music / dance at home as the private tutor class lessons.
• Better consistency & concentration, least missed classes due to flexible class time schedules.
• Unique e-learning feedback program - GIFT (Guru's interactive feedback technique).
• Well defined learning curriculum for all levels of learning, developed by global music experts.
• Advanced music E-books learning content & music practice (Riyaaz) tools offered for all levels.
• Save on travel time and the cost of travelling to the nearest music / dance teacher / school.
• Affordable, low cost price music / dance learning fees for the convenient online class lessons.
• Convenient schedules for all global time zones & multilingual online music/dance instructors.

Details: Online Music and Dance learning programs

Indian Classical / Folk : Vocal, Instrumental & dance learning programs


Divya Music offers online music training and online dance training class lessons to the international music and dance learning students through Skype or Google Hangouts free video calling programs for learning Indian vocal / instrumental music and Indian dance. The online class lessons in Indian music and dance are offered for short term certificate level programs (24 months duration), the regular terrm diploma level program classes (48 months duration) and the extended term certificate level programs (54 months duration), programs available are:

INDIAN CLASSICAL / FOLK VOCAL MUSIC: Hindustani classical vocal, HIndustani semi classical light vocal singing, Carnatic vocal and Popular Hindi / Regional languages vocal singing online lessons.

INDIAN CLASSICAL / FOLK INSTRUMENTAL MUSIC: Online training lesons are available for learning to play Sitar, Tabla, Veena, Santoor, Sarod, Rabab, Carnatic Violin, Mandolin, Tanpura, Ektara, Bamboo flute Bansuri woodwind, Venu Carnatic flute, Shehnai, Harmonium, Dholak, Dotara, Pakhawaj, Mridangam, Ghatam, Jal tarang, Loh Tarang, Dholki, Dhol etc.

INDIAN CLASSICAL / FOLK / REGIONAL / POPULAR DANCE STYLES: Online dance training class lessons available to learn dancing are Kathak dance, BharataNatyam dance, Odissi dance, Kuchipudi dance, Manipuri dance, Mohiniyattam dance and Sattriya classical dance forms. Folk dance styles training class lessons for learning Bhangra, Bihu dance, Raas Dandiya, Garba dance, Gidda, Ghoomar, Kalbeliya dance, Bhavai, Gypsy dance, Kachi Ghodi dance styles etc. The online dance training lessons are available for learning popular dance styles Bollywood movie songs dance numbers, regional language film songs dance numbers and mixed free style dance styles.

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Mother godess 'Saraswati' according to Indian Hindu mythology is the deity of eternal knowledge, truth, purity, wisdom and arts. The musical instrument 'VEENA' played by her is a symbol of knowledge, divinity and wisdom.... More